MK2 Holeshot

At Dialled Bikes we love to race, that's why we started the Dialled Bikes BMX and 4X teams shortly after starting the company.

After initially using small Prince Alberts to race 4X on, the natural progression was to design a 4X specific frame for the team, so we worked together to create the Holeshot, which quickly became one of the most popular and revered frames on the UK 4X circuit.

Holeshot riders have racked up more podium finishes at UK 4X races over the last 4 seasons than owners of any other bike. It makes sense, why race 4x on a lightweight/weak cross country frame or a heavy dirt jumper when there's a proper tool for the job?

This latest version of the Holeshot is the best yet. Made of Reynolds 853 air hardening double butted cro-moly tubing and designed to roll on a 440mm rigid fork or a 80-120mm suspension fork.

Of course, you don't have to limit your use of the Holeshot to 4X racing, it also makes a great F.A.B (f*ck-about-bike).

Additional images:

Frame detail

One piece CNC heat treated cro-moly dropouts

Holeshot builds

As with all Dialled Bikes frames you can put them together to suit the way you ride. Take a look at some Holeshot builds here.

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Holeshot specification

21.4" TT & 22.2" TT centre to centre (both 12.7" seat tube - centre to top)
Reynolds 853 double butted cro-moly front triangle, ring reinforced cro-moly head tube, 4130 cro-moly seat stays and chain stays
Head Tube Length:
Head Angle:
68.5 degrees
(100mm suspension or 440mm rigid)
Seat Angle:
73 degrees
Chain Stay Length:
BB Height:
Seat Post Size:
Seat Clamp Size:
BB Shell:
73mm with integral ISCG
Max Rear Disc Size:
Colours (subject to change without notice):
Kawasaki Green & Brilliant White

£395 including UK mainland delivery

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